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Navara NP300 (2015-Current)

X-Series Bull Bar

The Supreme X-Series Bull Bar is an ultra-modern bar that suits the Nissan Navara NP300 Gen1 & Gen2 perfectly. The Stylish design and integrated RGB LED Lights brings it to a whole new level 

NOTE: GEN1 Navara (2015-2020) Requires grille upgrade to suit the Supreme Bull Bar as this bar is designed to fit the bigger (2020-Current) facelift grille.

Bull Bar
Navara NP300 Product Inclusion Image

Product Inclusions

The Nissan Navara NP300 Supreme X-Series Bull Bar comes standard with an assortment of essentials which makes the bar that much more practical

3mm thick steel bull bar with an advanced powder coating black surface finish which means it can be colour coded with a beautiful finish.

Winch compatible with in-built cradle & number plate hinge for easy winch access.

Under vehicle bash plate designed to protect lower front end of the vehicle

3mm thick steel

2x load rated recovery points which come in red are standard for your off-road recovery needs.

These are not just for show and have been tested and rated at 4,000kg for towing and recovery use.

30" Double row equivalent sized LED powerful light bar for dark off-road conditions with integrated RGB back lights for DRL use and a little bit of fun!

4x LED Cubed lights work as indicators and powerful fog lights, also integrated with RGB back lights for DRL purposes.

The RGB functions can be easily controlled by a free smart phone app.

ADR Approved

Airbag Compliant, Supports Factory Sensors, Cameras & Tech Packs.

Comes with an additional side flare extension pieces to compliment Navara's running bigger flares to keep a clean and aesthetic look

Altogether the weight of the bar + recovery points + bash plate + light bar & cubed lights is ~70kg


Product Features

Navara RGB Light Bar + Cubed Lights

RGB Light Bar + Cubed Lights

Both the 30″ double row light bar and 4x cubed lights have RGB backing LED lights which can change colours using a smart phone app. Light intensity, Continuous colour spectrum change and even light colours changing to the rhythm of your car music!

This can be used as DRLs (but we recommend only using white or amber lights for DRL to comply with Australia Road Rules)

Navara Functional Light Bar + Cubed Lights

Functional Light Bar + Cubed Lights

The 30″ double row light bar works as a powerful functional high beam light bar for dark off road conditions.

The Cubed Lights are also functional spot fog lights and also indicators.

Navara Bash Plate

Bash Plate + Rated Recovery Points

The Supreme X-Series Bull Bar comes with the underbody one-piece bash plate as standard offering protection for off-roading.

Also rated recovery points come standard as a pair at the front which are properly tested and rated at 4,000kg for towing and recovery use.

Navara Premium Quality and Design

Weight & Measurements

The Supreme light weight designed bar including: Bull Bar + Bash Plate + Recovery Points + Light Bar + 4x Cubed Lights, all add up total to about 70kg, which means better fuel efficiency and ride.

The poke of the bar from the bottom of the grille to the front of the number plate (furthest point) is about 100-110mm, one of the least protruding bull bars on the market which is impressive given that it can fit a 30″ double row light bar and a winch.


Premium Quality & Design

The Supreme X-Series Bull Bar is engineered and innovated using the latest industry leading technology and manufacturing processes.

Unlike other generic bars on the market, the Supreme Bar does not cover the facelift Grille so that you don’t lose any of that aggressive look of your Navara.

Intricately designed and rigorously tested to produce this final piece of art, we are proud to present this industry leading bull bar and offer a 24 months warranty to back its quality with confidence. 

ADR tested and approved

NOTE: Navara GEN1 (2015-2020) require grille upgrade to suit this bull bar

2015-2020 Navara Supreme Bull Bar

GEN1 Navara (2015-2020)

The GEN1 Navara can also fit the Supreme X-Series Bull Bar, but will require the large face-lift grille upgrade.

This grille upgrade will give the Navara the new facelift appearance and any tech pack or factory sensors are fully functional.

*The Grille upgrade is sold separately.

Looking to get yourself a Supreme X‑Series Bull Bar for your Nissan Navara NP300?

Supreme Innovations dealers are hand picked for their mechanical skills and ability in fitting Supreme products. Each dealer is trained by our professional mechanical engineers on our bull bar fitment so you can feel confident when getting your Supreme Bull Bar fitted at these dealers.