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Manual Roller Shutters


Manual Roller Shutters

Designed in Australia and engineered and manufactured using high tech processes the Supreme Manual Roller Shutter is the heavy duty must have accessory designed with utility, reliability and a modern aesthetic touch for protecting your tub and its contents

Roller Shutter
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Product Functionality & Features

The Supreme Manual Roller Shutter comes standard with an assortment of operational functions which makes the it that much more practical & versatile

Strong Reinforced Brackets to support the side rails means it is compatible with Sports Bar &  Tub Racks

Mutli-Lock & Rest Positions means they roller can stop at fully open, half way or completely closed.

4-Point water drainage system - 2 at the front and 2 more at the rear means you get maximum water drainage in wet weather.

NOTE: Like all other Roller Shutters on the market, it is impossible to be 100% waterproof, but the 4-point drainage system helps to make sure it does the best job on the market.

Lockable with Key.

Heavy duty construction with reinforced side rails and anodized matte black aluminium finish.

Small Canister design to maximise Tub Space.




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