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Electric Roller Shutters


Electric Roller Shutters

Designed in Australia and engineered and manufactured using high tech processes the Supreme Electric Roller Shutter is the all-in-one heavy duty must have accessory designed with multi-function and a modern aesthetic touch for protecting your tub and its contents

Roller Shutter
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Product Functionality & Features

The Supreme Electric Roller Shutter comes standard with an assortment of operational functions which makes the it that much more practical & versatile

Built in on-board buttons on the Electric Roller Shutter creates ease of use with the touch of a button when the custom key fob is in your pocket.

Comes with a custom key fob which can operate the opening and closing of the roller shutter, also turning on and off the LED light inside the tub of the roller shutter.

*Comes with 2 custom key fobs (an extra backup key fob for peace of mind)

The Electric Roller Shutter also has a powerful LED light to illuminate the tub at night.

Sports bar and cross rack compatible (which requires additional brackets)

Water-tight with our sealed design and increased diameter flow drain hoses to better keep the water out.

The roller can be opened in multiple locked positions not just completely opened or closed.








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