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Australian Designs to cater for the Australian 4×4 markets. Supreme Innovations is NOT your everyday importer of generic designed products, but a team of 4×4 enthusiasts personally designing and engineering unique and practical 4×4 accessories here in Australia.

Our passion and love for 4x4s is passed onto our uniquely designed accessories that merges functionality with today’s modern 4×4 looks and aesthetics so when your vehicle is fitted with Supreme products you are ready for the off-road adventure while looking damn good!

Before Supreme Innovations was established, we were 4x4 accessories fitters and off-road enthusiasts. Always chasing newer & better products to fuel our adventures. We found an assortment of 4x4 accessories on the market from across the world and tried them all to find which were the best. But a common theme that occurred was practical accessories were limited in functionality and looked damn ugly, while the good looking ones were not very practical.

We found that very few products if any at all fulfilled our and our customers criteria of an aesthetic look to our vehicles while providing the off-road capabilities they were originally designed for. With this hole in the market, we decide we needed to use our years of experience and customer feedback to engineer and innovate the perfect 4x4 accessories which ticked all the boxes. So Supreme Innovations was born.

While other companies imported generically designed 4x4 products and re-badged them with their logos, Supreme Innovations insisted on creating products from scratch to be able to engineer exactly what we and the market wanted without compromise. This required more time, effort and resources that other companies are unwilling to give, but we felt different and continued to chase the better product.

We acquired state of the art scanning and modelling technology and began to engineer and design products that were different, unique and superior to all the other generic designs on the market. No cutting corners and no skimping on expenses for quality so we could make each and every accessory perfect without compromise.

Supreme Innovation products are made with heart and a ton of high tech equipment and engineering experience

Equipped with more than a decade of experience and customer feedback and suggestions, Supreme Innovations was able to produce some of the best 4x4 accessories the market has ever seen. Able to incorporate exactly what the modern 4x4 community wanted and to design features and appearances to their liking, a new series of modern 4x4 accessories was born.

If you are someone who likes go off-roading but also wants their 4x4 to look impressive for your daily normal drives, then Supreme Innovation products is perfect for you. Whether you are a mall crawler, an occasional off-roader or an extreme one, you can find products with Supreme Innovations that fits your needs

The Supreme Innovations Vision

The forward looking nature of Supreme Innovations is to create tomorrow’s 4×4 accessories. One thing we always do is to take feedback from the 4×4 community to shape our future products and accessories. Every piece of advice or criticism is taken seriously and used to implement and make any changes necessary to our future designs to meet the communities needs.

We continue to implement changes to a product until it is 100% and passes our strict criteria and high standards to make sure anything that is released by Supreme Innovations is absolutely the best it can be.

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